a journey across
Egypt's sacred places
We invite you to an unforgettable journey that will help you discover yourself and your facets, find and strengthen a connection with your soul, get a resource for realizing your life goals

20.03.23 – 30.03.23
11 Days/10 nights
Новый уровень нетворкинга:
Egypt has many secrets and the solutions to a happy life. This vacation is for you if you want a deep awakening! You will get a one-of-a-kind chance to tour Egypt's centres of power if you join us.
One of the most ancient
and sacred places on the planet
you to reevaluate your life
This trip will inspire
Exclusive access to the Osirion Temple, the Sphinx, and the Cheops Pyramid
The tour happens around the Time of Spring Equinox, a significant period
Personal guide to Egypt
We will visit the cities of Cairo, Luxor, Aswan
We will visit Ambusimbal, Egypt's most famous temple
Accommodation in the best 5* hotels
The tour programme is designed to start a process of deep change in your life
20.03.23 – 30.03.23
The journey’s
to the sacred places of Egypt


Manager and guide
My name is Natalia Kirsanova. I am a master of the author's technology, I assist in the easy creation of pleasant and qualitative changes in life, I am a certified theta practitioner, I am acquainted with emotional healing methods, I work through the quantum field, I love and know how to open quantum passageways, and I teach others how to understand and love themselves. I have over 3,500 hours of personal therapy and more than 300 hours of group therapy.

My values are freedom, love for life, care, honesty and cooperation.

I have a very strong connectionto Egyptian civilization. I am ready to provide you access to your innermost knowledge and the keys to developing your gifts and talents.


My name is Moses, I am one of the direct descendants of the Ancient Egyptians.
I live in the original capital of Egypt, sunny Luxor, ancient Thebes. I have a higher education in tourism and an official license. I have been a guide for 14 years.

I have been a guide to the sacred places of power in Egypt for more than 5 years. I accompany those who dare to find answers to internal questions, rethink their lives and gain their strength.
While visiting the pyramids, temples and other sacred places in Egypt, our group will be there alone
exclusive access
to pyramids and temples
We are waiting for a fascinating journey through the mysterious Egypt for 10 days
of the journey

Day one. March 20, 2023

· Arrival in Cairo. An assistant with a sign "PANTHEON" will be waiting for you inside of the airport.
· Check-in at the Marriot Mena House Hotel 5*

Day two. March 21, 2023

· Private night visit to the Pyramid of Cheops, during the night of the vernal equinox. Inside the pyramid we will visit restricted zones: well; the queen's chambers; The king's chambers
· After leaving Cheops' pyramid, we will go to the Sphinx and meet the sunrise at its paws
· Return to the hotel/breakfast and rest
· Cairo's evening entertainment performance.
· 2-hour liner trip down the Nile. Dinner served on board

Day three. March 22, 2023

· Departure to Sakkara. Visit to the Seraph and Djoser's Pyramid
· Return to the hotel / lunch
· Departure to Luxor city
· Check-in at the 5* hotel / dinner

Day four. March 23, 2023

· Departure to Dendera. Visit to the temple of the goddess Hathor
· Departure to Abydos. Visiting Osirion with special permission
· Lunch is served at the guesthouse
· Return to Luxor
· Group sharing

Day five. March 24, 2023

· Early morning breakfast at the hotel
· Visit the Karnak Temple before it opens to the public
· Return to the hotel / Rest
· Lunch at a seafood restaurant
· A boat ride along the Nile to the Luxor Temple at sunset with lighting
· Group sharing

Day six. March 25, 2023

· Breakfast
· Visit to the temple of Hatshepsut
· A a visit to the Stone Workshop
· Restaurant lunch
· Visit to the Valley of the Kings
· Return to the hotel/Rest

Day seven. March 26, 2023

· Departure to Aswan
· Stop by the Temple of God Horus on the way
· Visit on the route to the Kom-Ombo temple of the god Sobek (temple of deliverance from fear)
· Check-in at the hotel in Aswan Movenpick Resort Aswan 5*/Rest

Day eight. March 27, 2023

· Departure to the goddess Isis' temple on the Nailsky island
· Visits to the village and botanical garden
· Lunch
· Elephantine Island visit

Day nine. March 28, 2023

· Early departure to Abu Simbel Temple
· Lunch at the local restaurant
· Return to the hotel
· Evening flight departure to Cairo / Check-in at hotel 5*

Day ten. March 29, 2023

· Breakfast
· Departure and visit to the far-off Dokhshur pyramids (pyramids of sound, pink and broken)
· Lunch
· Return to the 5* hotel
· Group sharing

Day eleven. March 30, 2023

· Breakfast at the 5* hotel
· Trip to the ancient city of Bubastis
· Lunch
· Trip to the ancient city of Tanis
· Return to Cairo
Why should
you join us on the trip?
Group sharing and working with each group member's requests
Russian and English speaking guide throughout the entire journey
Transformational and energy practises
Accommodation at 5* hotels
Portal days of the vernal equinox and 23/03/2023
Private visit to the Pyramid of Cheops, the Sphinx and the Temple of Osirion
The main places of power of Egypt in Cairo, Luxor and Aswan
Unique route
tour price – 5000$
since 10.03.2023 – 5500$
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